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VSim Training Workshop and European User Group Meeting 2014

We are pleased to announce the the first VSim European User Group Meeting will take place on Friday, January 17th 2014 at our European Headquarters at Sci-Tech Daresbury near Warrington, England. It is now open to receive contributed presentation abstracts. It is anticipated that the talks on the day will be a mixture of 20 minute user contributed presentations and some demonstrations of the latest advances in the VSim simulation suite and the vorpal simulation engine. There will be a prize for the best contributed talk.

The day will be preceeded by an afternoon of training geared towards new and inexperienced users on Thursday, January 16th 2014.

We will charge a nominal fee for attendance of £50 for the user group meeting, which will cover lunch, refereshments through the day and the cost of hiring the meeting room. There will be no charge for the training workshop on the 16th, however if you plan to attend please check the box below. Suggestions on local hotels for those wanting to stay overnight can be provided on request.

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Provisional programme of events: VSim European UGM 2014

Thursday Jan 16thVSim for basic simualtions user training
13:15The simulation workflow
13:30Elements of a simulation
13:45Trying out your first EM simulations, changing boundaries
14:00What keeps my simulations stable?
14:30Troubleshooting simulations
15:00The analysis tab
15:15Basics of ES simulations (coffee while they run...)
15:45Running from the command line, working on a cluster
16:00Visualisation in VSim Composer
16:15Visualisation with VisIt
16:30Further analysis with python
16:45Getting help
Friday Jan 17thVSim European User Group Meeting
10:00VSim for Plasma Acceleration
11:30VSim for Plasma Discharges
14:00VSim for Microwave Devices
15:30VSim for Electromagnetics