Import your own analysis script

If you have created your own analysis script, you can import it for use in VSimComposer by clicking on the button “Import Analyzer” at the bottom left of the Analyze Tab. The pop-up dialog that follows will open to your home user directory.

Analysis Window Custom Script

Fig. 563 Select a Custom Script

Navigate to the location of your analyzer, then click “Open”. On Windows, this will copy your analyzer to the Documents/txcorp/VSim9.0/analyzers directory if the default options were chosen during installation.

Alternatively, you can add your analyzer script to txcorp/VSim9.0/analyzers prior to opening VSim, and your analyzer will be available when you check the “Show All Analyzers” box. If the analyzer is added to the “analyzers” directory while the VSimComposer is open, the Composer will need to be closed and re-opened for the added analyzer to appear.

On Windows, the analyzers distributed with VSim are available at

C:\Program Files\Tech-X (Win64)\VSim-9.0\Contents\engine\bin if the default options were chosen during installation.