VSim Reference


The VSim Reference manual describes in detail all Visual Setup parameters, all Vorpal input file blocks, and all macros that can be used.

VSim [VSi] is an arbitrary dimensional, electromagnetics and plasma simulation code consisting of two major components:

  • VSimComposer, the graphical user interface.
  • Vorpal [NC04], the VSim Computational Engine.

VSim also includes many more items such as Python, MPI, data analyzers, and a set of input simplifying macros.

Text Setup

Global Variables



GridBoundary Blocks

STRgn Blocks

EM Field

EmField Block

ComboEmField Block


Multifield Block

[CoordProd]STFuncStencilElement Block

VectorReader Block

LinearSolver Block

LinearSolver Kinds

Scalar Block

UpdateStep and InitialUpdateStep Block

PmlRegion Block

DielectricShape Block

ScalarDepositor and VectorDepositor


ImpactCollider / ImpactCollision

ImpactCollider Block

ImpactCollision Block

Monte Carlo Interactions (DEPRECATED)


Collisions set up using the Monte Carlo Interactions frame work will still work in VSim 9 simulations, but we recommend converting simulations to the new Reactions Framework

MonteCarloInteractions Block

IncidentSelector Block

Interaction/NullInteraction Blocks

NullInteraction Kinds
NullInteractions working with a neutralGas Fluid block:

External Circuit Model

Slab Block

Postprocessing Tools

Trademarks and licensing

  • Vorpal™ © 1999-2002 University of Colorado. All rights reserved.
  • Vorpal™ © 2002-2018 University of Colorado and Tech-X Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • VSim™ except for Vorpal™ is © 2012-2018 Tech-X Corporation. All rights reserved.

For VSim™ licensing details please email sales@txcorp.com. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Redistribution of any VSim™ input files from the VSim™ installation or the VSim™ document set, including VSim Installation, VSim Examples, VSim User Guide, VSim Reference, and VSim Customization, is allowed provided that this Copyright statement is also included with the redistribution.