Help Menu

The Help menu contains both the VSim Documentation set located under the Help Contents as well as information About VSim. See Fig. 24.

help menu

Fig. 24 Accessing help through the help menu

Selecting Help Contents is the same as selecting the Help icon in the left hand icon panel, and it opens the Help Window.


It is possible to detach the documentation set from VSimComposer so that you can simultaneuosly view the documentation as well as your simulation. To do this, click on the small icon on the upper right that looks like a box inside of a box, as shown in Help Window. See Fig. 25.

help window

Fig. 25 Help Window

Selecting About VSim will bring up a pop-up menu that tells you information about the particular build of VSimComposer you have installed on your machine. It is very helpful to provide this information to Tech-X support personnel if you encounter any difficulties running VSim.