Physics Simulation Consulting

Physics Simulation Modeling, High-performance Computing, Numerical Modeling and Algorithm Development, and Data Analysis

Tech-X Corporation implements technologies that make computing accessible to scientists and engineers. Our areas of expertise include electromagnetic modeling, plasma physics, accelerator physics, nuclear fusion, high-performance computing, numerical modeling and algorithm development, and data analysis. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of physics, applied mathematics, and engineering which allows us to provide software and consulting services to assist you in developing new, more robust designs for physical devices and processes.

When you ask our physics simulation consultants questions, you are contacting scientists and engineers with deep backgrounds in commercial solutions and federally-funded research projects.

Tech-X develops software solutions for multiphysics simulations, focusing on architectures from desktop systems to massively parallel high-performance computing platforms. Tech-X provides training and consulting to support your simulation needs including providing input file development or full analysis results for your application or adding your special physics models to our software.

Radiation Modeling of Space Instruments

Tech-X is experienced in performing radiation modeling of space instruments. Our work has included performing computer simulations and other tests on the Europa mission's Surface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA) to calculate the level of radiation and effects that this radiation would have on the instrument.

Tech-X uses GRAS, Geant4, and CadReview to perform radiation modeling for space instruments. Geant4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. Geant4 application areas include high energy, nuclear and accelerator physics, as well as studies in medical and space science. GRAS is a Geant4-based tool that handles common radiation analyses types (TID, NIEL, fluence, SEE, path length, charge deposit, dose equivalent, equivalent dose, etc.) in generic 3D geometry models. Because of its flexibility, GRAS can be used for obtaining a variety of simulation output types for 3D geometry models. The Tech-X CadReview application enables users to convert CAD (STEP) data into GDML and model complex geometries in GRAS and Geant4.

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